IMC Board of Trustees & Partners

imc board of trustees directors

Chair – Martha F. Parker
Vice Chair – Bethany DiNapoli
Treasurer – Paul McGreevy
Secretary – Liz Rosenthal

Peter Cataldo
Pamela Chapman
Bethany DiNapoli
W. Brett McKenzie
Marilyn Woloohojian
Kellie Ann Myrtle Wright

Miki Ohlsen, Artistic Director


John M. La Rocca Sr
John W. Brooks, Jr.
Kate Spinella
Don Jagoe
Ellen Barnes
Kathleen Geasey


Robert Alfandre*
G Spencer Berger**
John W. Brooks, Jr.
Saverio De Ruggiero
Ronald F. Dick*
Anne Maxwell Livingston
Nuala Pell*
Jay Schochet*
Topsy Taylor

*deceased and sorely missed
**Thanks to those who have donated to IMC in Spencer’s memory: Eric Berger, Edward Johnson, Anne & Bruce Livingston, Mary Ann Livingston, Mary Jo & Bob Ogurek, Pamela Price, John and Valorie Sheehan, and David Stevens

Pamela Chapman, Chair

Ellen Barnes
Camilla Blaffer
John W. Brooks, Jr.
Brenda Calkins/CWS
Lillian Dick
Ronald Lee Fleming
Thomas Hockaday & Bill Martin
MaryKay Koreivo
Maggie Shafmaster
Cynthia Sinclair
Topsy Taylor
Mary Van Pelt

Our Board on the Company

I have come to dance late in life — I have scattered memories from my youth, mostly of televised productions — then the world started putting dance in front of me. It has been like going from flatland to seeing in three dimensions for the first time. IMC has not only had wonderful performances, but performers who care about their audience and their patrons. They are not divas on some far off plane but real people, with extraordinary talents, who are eager to share both the visual experience and help you understand the rigors and context of the performance. The IMC troupe has shown me things I can never un-see – and made me see, sometimes the mundane, anew.

-Brett McKenzie

I am involved with IMC because of the people.  It’s always about the people. The relationships you build are life long – from the children at NAB to the staff to the dancers and the audience. For me, it’s because of the people – each and every one!

-Kelley Coen

I am so grateful and proud to be able to see professional dance in my own city of Newport!  I love the passion, innovation, and talent of our dancers and Miki; their performances move me to my core.  Love you IMC for the joy and inspiration you bring me!

-Bethany Di Napoli