Corporate Teambuilding Movement Workshop

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Island Moving Company’s Teambuilding Movement Workshop is an innovative training and development tool for corporations and other organizations that need teams to work together effectively. The Workshop uses movement – “action metaphors” – to explore and identify the working skills and styles of individuals and groups. Workshop participants are not required to dance: the simple pedestrian movements we use do not require formal training – only the ability to move.  Artists are the world’s communicators, and it’s no wonder that a group of dancers has a lot to share about communication – the essence of good leadership and effective teamwork. In creating and performing dance, IMC itself works most successfully as a self-managed team that shares responsibilities and concentrates equally on process and product – as does any successful corporation. Recognizing this affinity with successful corporate structures, IMC conducted a pilot workshop in 1994 with a group of MIT Graduate students at the Sloan School of Management. The connection between the two worlds was immediately clear: the methods we have developed in our more than 20 years together are obvious parallels for many of the processes business relies on.

  • Good use of the full spectrum of communication
  • Clear leadership and its periodic transfer among the members of a team
  • Creative, resourceful thinking – sometimes on your feet!

By examining these core skills in an IMC Teambuilding Workshop, and using physical movement as a metaphor for group dynamics, participants improve their communication, leadership, and teamwork processes, and explore creative models which enable your company to work smarter, not harder.

What Happens at the Workshop?
Island Moving Company dancers lead participants through a series of movement-based activities beginning with simple individual exercises and evolving into more complex, team-based products. The Teambuilding Workshop brings participants through a continuum of “active metaphors” that provide insights designed to

  • break down the barriers that inhibit effective teamwork
  • illustrate leadership in action, such as the way roles can shift within working groups
  • identify new ways to lead by action and with greater clarity
  • show the importance of developing and fostering good processes
  • highlight the effects of individual contributions to a group product

First, individuals examine their own communication skills and strategies through an “introductory” exercise. Then partners work together to explore and learn to identify different personal leadership styles. In the third exercise small groups “flock” together in a unique and revealing team dynamics experience, and the workshop culminates in a creative group project that integrates the lessons learned about communication, leadership and teamwork.  The workshop provides a comfortable, fun, and secure environment in which all attendees, regardless of hierarchical level or expertise, can participate equally. IMC Teambuilding Workshops are designed for corporate groups of all sizes and kinds, from engineering and sales teams to students to Boards of Directors. Contact IMC.

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