Island Moving Co this season inaugurates the Fund for Young Dancers.young-dancers

Each year, IMC’s Pell School Class offers an opportunity to come to the studio to study dance to students at Newport’s Claiborne Pell Elementary School. These  students have worked with the dancers in their school in our creative movement programs, Math Into Movement and Text Into Movement. They have expressed a desire to continue studying dance. The class is taught by our dancer, Glen Lewis, with a special curriculum designed to teach the children enough ballet basics to allow them to join their peers in other classes at the Newport Academy of Ballet the following year. Shauna Maguire and interns from among our older NAB students greet the students as they arrive by schoolbus each Tuesday and guide them in studio and dressing room etiquette, supporting them as they learn the ropes and navigate the new world of the studio. As each year’s class performs its recital piece in June, several of the students are invited to enroll at NAB for the following fall term, with full tuition assistance.

With the imminent purchase of the Newport Academy of Ballet by IMC, the Company will also be underwriting the tuition assistance that Miki Ohlsen has traditionally offered to some of her more gifted students. As Miki has said, “I was one of those students – we could not afford ballet classes but dance is the only thing I ever wanted to do. Without the support of my teachers, I would not have become a dancer and would not be where I am today.” Miki estimates that she gives $6000+ in tuition assistance each year.

The Fund for Young Dancers will help IMC continue this important program for our community. Initiated by NAB parents at an event at Guy and Mary Van Pelt’s home this fall, the Fund will allow talented students, from beginners to aspiring professionals, continue to make dance part of their lives. Any contribution to the Fund for Young Dancers is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged in all of IMC’s programs and on our website.

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