The unanimous decision of the Newport Zoning Board to approve IMC’s proposed Center for Dance & Education made our vision a reality.  To secure that reality, the approval came with a 24 month deadline for substantial completion. We are thrilled to see an end date for this project, which was conceptualized nearly five years ago!

With this great news, we are excited to announce the Pre-Public Phase of the Choreographing Our Future campaign and the involvement of community members like you. Your passion for IMC’s mission and programs plus your connection to the community will unlock so many possibilities. The key to that lock is in the form of two specific roles: Connectors and Cultivators.

There are so many more people that enjoy IMC performances and benefit from our programs that we do not even know. Connectors can help to identify those people and act as the bridge in connecting them to IMC. From there, Cultivators will educate and inform them about IMC’s: mission, role in the community, innovative programs, community impact and future vision. Both groups will be guided and supported by myself and the staff at IMC.

The Pre-Public Phase will conclude when IMC begins construction. To do so, there are various logistical and planning steps to complete. At the same time, a fundraising milestone of 50% of the campaign total, or $3 million, must be met. The effort has raised $1.6 million from supportive early investors.


We welcome your support and participation as a Connector or Cultivator. Together we can choreograph our future.


Please EMAIL ME with any questions or for further information!



Michele Berard, MBA, CFRE