In-School Residency

IMC’s arts-integrated math, literacy and newly developed social studies curriculum reinvigorates the joy of learning and helps students gain mastery of basic academic skills by engaging their senses with kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and tactile learning methods.

Dancing Through Boundaries impacts additional school goals:

– Fulfilling physical education standards/fighting obesity
– Introducing students to dance as an artform
– Experiencing movement as a tool through which to understand social and cultural practices
– Providing experiential learning and mentorship with artists as positive adult role models, particularly for students who may consider a future career pathway in the arts.

The program’s comprehensive design provides:

– Curriculum development and integration with core academic standards
– Common planning, training, mentoring and program evaluation for teachers
– Hands-on, four-week in-school instruction by IMC teaching artists/dancers
Culminating all-school presentation of Literacy Residency led by IMC teaching artists