One of the more exciting and innovative projects IMC is embarking on over the summer, is a collaboration around the making of a new dance film currently in development. Co-Choreographed by IMC’s Artistic Director, Miki Ohlsen and Associate Artistic Director, Danielle Genest, the work, which is entitled eMERGE, will be danced by Island Moving Company Dancers and directed by renown film maker, Marta Renzi with cinematography by Jon Gourlay.

“The film provides a unique outlet for the company to get back to creative dance-making, while recognizing and managing logistics required to safely get back to work” said Artistic Director Miki Ohlsen. “It also allows us to create and share a creative expression that explores many common themes that we are all presently living with” she explained.

The Film’s Director Marta Renzi has worked with IMC previously, and was excited by the opportunity to work with the dancers on this timely project. Renzi has choreographed and edited more than 20 short films which have won awards in over 100 festivals both nationally and internationally.

Ohlsen & Genest explain that in developing the film, a patron of IMC shared the following poem by Patience Strong:

  • Forget the times of trouble, but not the truths they taught.
    Forget the days of sorrow, but not the strength they brought.
    Forget the storms you battled through beneath a heavy load,
    but not the Light that led you safely down the unknown road.

The poem provided an initial source of inspiration that has led Ohlsen, Genest and Renzi to explore underlying questions such as; What constitutes community? Is it defined by location? Behavior? How does a community express itself through movement?

Filming will take place at a number of iconic locations across Newport County in August. Post-production for the film is planned for September and IMC hopes to be able to premiere the film in Newport in October