Choreographing our Future

For 39 years Island Moving Company has been at home in Newport, and proud to be part of a thriving city and community. Now, the City of Newport is recognizing our contributions, and is offering us a unique and timely opportunity to put down roots here and have a roof – and a welcoming space – of our own.


After years of searching the island for a home of our own, we find ourselves on the threshold of an ideal opportunity – one which furthers our mission of involvement and integration with our neighborhood and our community, and which meets all key points of our criteria and our needs. At the site of the former Triplett School we have found an opportunity to serve more students and to be a lively, active part of Newport’s centuries-old tradition of hospitality and culture.

In our new home, we can celebrate the Newport Academy of Ballet, and have room enough for a much-needed third dance studio to foster its growth. Most importantly, the larger studios will accommodate an informal performance space with capacity for nearly 200 friends and neighbors, or exist as a pair of more intimate rooms for classes, practice, preparation, and engagement with our community.


In addition to the comforts and security of home, the new building will provide the Company with office space, a conference room, a common area, a foyer for greeting our friends, ample parking and much needed storage capacity. Our research has shown the additional space will mean new revenue possibilities through sharing our home with the community and with other artists and performers. This will create new job opportunities within the city of Newport, further securing our bond with the neighborhood. In doing so, we will be building a strong foundation for the future financial stability of the company. After 39 years of site-specific performances around our wonderful and generous city, we can now also show ourselves to be good hosts, and share our hospitality with others.

Our goals include remaining a presence in Washington Square, using our current studios for additional classes and for rehearsals by visiting companies at the Newport Performing Arts Center at the Opera House. Community engagement and partnerships are key to our growth; the ability to offer an expanded schedule of classes for children and adults is not only essential to IMC’s vision, but a base for our future financial health. In our current space on Charles Street, we cannot meet community demand, nor offer classes to all the children who qualify for our scholarship program. Plans for our new home provide for three studios, each of which is larger than what we can currently offer our friends and neighbors.

The IMC’s Board and leadership and the City of Newport have reached an agreement that will give IMC a place of our own on the former Triplett School property, located on the historic entryway to Newport’s center. This will settle us in the heart of the community we serve and represent, and will strengthen the relationship between IMC and the City of Newport. Importantly, we have together created a financing structure that is within the means and resources of the Company, which will allow us to be at home, further support our goal of growth and outreach, and most importantly, allow us to host and entertain current and new friends and family, and return the hospitality the city, the island and the world has shown us over our 39 years of moving bodies, hearts and minds.