History & Mission


The company was founded in 1982 by a collective of choreographers who sought a forum for their work and who believed collaboration and a supportive environment enhance the creative process. For 39 years, Island Moving Company (IMC) has served as a cultural attraction, creative catalyst and educational resource for residents of Newport County, and accessible to all Rhode Islanders.

IMC regularly collaborates with Newport’s non-profit community, crafting mutually beneficial partnerships and reimaging experiences that stretch audiences’ imaginations for what a theatre experience could be. These partnerships have been the basis of the Company’s signature of collaboration and have elevated Newport’s identity as an important cultural community.


 Island Moving Company is a contemporary ballet company that engages hearts and minds through dynamic and thought-provoking performance, transformative dance education and deep community connection.

Our Values

 In these complex and dynamic times, no person or organization can stand alone.

 IMC believes that:

•       Dance and movement are essential to our well-being. Everyone can experience and enjoy these universal forms of expression.

•       Through inclusion, discipline, and respect, dance creates deep emotional connections and fosters a culture of community.

•       Creativity is an interactive and collaborative process that is open to everyone and can take place anywhere.

•       We achieve more when we create space for multiple perspectives in our art.

•       Everyone deserves access to the highest quality dance education & performance experiences.

•       Cultural exchange with diverse artists strengthens our community’s quality of life and connection to each other. 

What We Do

 We create:

  • Intimate, accessible contemporary ballet.
  • Jobs by employing resident artists who contribute direct & indirect benefits to the economy.
  • Exciting platforms for new and emerging choreographers.

We educate:

  • Through dance, as vital for the wellbeing & growth of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Through inventive movement-based curricula which motivates students and helps them close skill gaps, build confidence and forge new pathways in school and life.
  • Through the commitment to provide accessible high quality dance training in our school to a diverse population of children and adults — whether they strive to be professional dancers or dance for the sheer joy that movement brings us all.

We perform:

  • World-class, innovative work.
  • Site-specific works in community locales as well as traditional venues.
  • Around the country and the world, inviting others to perform and create with us.

 We connect:

  • With our neighbors, greater Newport, and our colleagues in the world of dance.
  • Through cultural exchanges, stimulating our audiences with talented dance companies from around the world.
  • With a new generation of dancers, inspiring careers through our ballet academy and our junior company.