A Statement from Island Moving Company

A Statement from Island Moving Company

Island Moving Company has a long history of enriching the cultural fabric of our community. In solidarity with #Black Lives Matter and in response to our nation in crisis, we wanted to re-affirm our foundational values and commitment to you and our community.

IMC is built on the belief that creativity is an interactive and collaborative process open to everyone, and is put in practice through inclusion and respect, discipline and emotional connection. It can produce great art, but more importantly, provides us all with a sense of connection and belonging. — AND that , as an art form and a life practice, dance is kinesthetic – it deeply engages the heart, mind and soul of individuals and bridges divides among us.

The Staff & Board of IMC are committed to upholding the principles and values that underpin our educational and performance programs — now more than ever – and pledge to continue to provide everyone in our community with on-going access, dignity and respect. We commit to preserving the well-being and safety of all our dancers, staff, students, patrons, and followers, and to raise up the sanctity of our classes, rehearsals and performances as a place to experience the joy, harmony, mindfulness and state of peace that dance provides, for our youngest students, and the most vulnerable among us.

IMC will continue to put our values into action to help create a community that feels more alive, fulfilled, and connected to the arts and to each other.  It is our way forward.

“I had no idea that history was being made.  I was just tired of giving up.”

—Rosa Parks