NAB expands partnerships and opportunities to keep students moving!

Enrollments rise as students are eager to return to the studios.

This spring, the academy has seen a return to a full schedule of 43 classes offered through Zoom, hybrid, and in-person, offerings.

Staff have diligently followed all health and safety protocols, helping to keep our students, families and studios safe the past 13 months. This enabled NAB to keep all twelve teachers employed throughout the pandemic, as well as to employ five additional employees who:

  • provided health screenings,
  • temperature checks,
  • sanitized commonly touched surfaces
  • monitored physical distancing requirements
  • helped with scheduling and  entry/exit procedures

Presently 165 students are enrolled in the current semester accounting for 93% of NAB’s highest past attendance.

Last summer and fall NAB held a free outdoor salsa dance class series for our community with the average of 25 participants each week. These classes helped bring our community together and spread awareness about NAB and IMC. We were able to hold a summer program for our advanced students complete with an outdoor performance. This summer our dance camps are filling up quickly and we are able to offer them for all ages and levels.

NAB partnered with Newport Congregational Church as a third studio space in order to accommodate all of our students returning to in-person classes. The space allowed parents to be with their young children as they adapted to COVID protocols and provided the extra space we needed to keep classes running in person. For all three studio spaces, we developed and stayed current with RIDOH safety guidelines. These procedures included marking social distanced spaces, rearranging class schedules to allow for staggered entrance and exits, cleaning the floors, and sanitizing between classes. The Academy acquired three air filters, microphones, thermometers, and automated hand sanitizers to help improve the student experience and keep everyone safe. We carefully followed state protocols and made adjustments when advised. This allowed us a safe return to in February with zero COVID cases associated with NAB. We have also run our community outreach classes, the New Dancer Program and Beginner Ballet at the Wilbur McMahon School in Little Compton. This school year will culminate with a recital presented on an outdoor stage. We will host a modified indoor recital for our youngest students and families at the Newport Congregational Church.

We have and continue to offer Zoom options for students if they need to quarantine or don’t feel comfortable returning to in person learning. We created a virtual adult series of classes including beginner ballet, hip hop, tap, and salsa. These classes were offered for adults to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. We have expanded our student reach with dancers from New York and Provincetown, MA who take class. We have offered discounted tickets to NAB families to watch IMC’s outdoor and virtual performances to keep them inspired.

We are grateful for the appreciation students and parents have shared with us:

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you my experience with the creative movement class at NAB. This is my daughter Talia’s 3rd year at NAB. She loves dancing and looks forward to going every week. I’m not gonna lie, this year kind of scared me. With all that is going on in with COVID I was a bit nervous. With the cleaning procedures, health screenings, and distancing we feel very comfortable and safe. Kids adjust to the new structure and safety protocols pretty quickly. Talia is having fun and knows exactly what is expected of her to keep herself and the other dancers safe. And Miss Libby makes class fun! I am completely satisfied and would recommend NAB to anyone who is looking for a fun and safe dance school. Everyone has done a great job keeping everyone safe and healthy!