MET Dance; Photo credit: Ben Doyle

Island Moving Co. tours two to four weeks every season, bringing original dance and education programs to theaters across the country. IMC is very proud of our past touring successes and we eagerly look forward to future booking endeavors.

Upcoming & Recent Tours:

Samruk Dance, Almaty, Shymkent and Astana, Kazakhstan  April 24 – May 9, 2016
Island Moving Co.’s first international tour, under the sponsorship of the US Consulate in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We have the honor of being able to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of US/Kazakhstan relations, with performances in three cities over a two week period. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends in Samruk Dance, who were at the Great Friends Dance Festival in July of 2015. We will perform together throughout, with our own repertoires and a work for both companies, Plague, choreographed by John-Mark Owen.  Help us cover our travel costs by participating in our Generosity campaign!

Surfscape Contemporary Dance Theatre, New Smyrna Beach FL May 7-9 2015
In the fourth cycle of its Great Friends Touring Project, IMC traveled to Florida to perform with Surfscape at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach. Surfscape was the resident company for IMC’s Great Friends Dance Festival 2014.

Amaranth Contemporary Dance, Richmond VA Sept 11-13 2014
Following IMC’s guest appearance in October 2013 as part of Amaranth’s annual residency at the Denver School of the Arts, Island Moving Co. was invited to perform with Amaranth at their home venue in Richmond in the fall of 2014.

METdance, Houston TX April 11 & 12 2014
Island Moving Co. completed the third cycle of its Great Friends Touring Project with a tour to Houston to perform with The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company’s #womenfordance, two nights featuring six female choreographers at the Cullen Theatre, Wortham Center. METdance was the resident company at IMC’s Great Friends Dance Festival 2013.

Denver School of the Arts with Amaranth Contemporary Dance, Denver CO Oct 18 & 19 2013
Amaranth hosted Island Moving Co. as part of their annual residency at the Denver School of the Arts. In July 2013, Amaranth took part in IMC’s Great Friends Dance Festival.

Missouri Contemporary Ballet, Columbia MO Mar 8 & 9 2013
For the second cycle of its Great Friends Touring Project, IMC traveled to Columbia MO to perform with Missouri Contemporary Ballet at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts. MCB was the resident company at IMC’s Great Friends Dance Festival 2012.

Pasadena Dance Theatre, Pasadena CA Apr 21 & 22, 2012
Island Moving Co. launched its Great Friends Touring Project with a tour to Pasadena to perform with Pasadena Dance Theatre. PDT was IMC’s first resident company, hosted at its Great Friends Dance Festival in 2011.

The Great Friends Touring Project
Each July, IMC’s Great Friends Dance Festival welcomes guest companies from around the country to Newport for two weeks of shared performance, talk backs with choreographers, master classes and more. Island Moving Co. then travels to the home venue of the resident exchange company for a collaborative performance. The exchange uses a trade of resources between small and mid-size ballet companies around the country to increase audiences and visibility for this overlooked constituency. Learn more.

Interested in booking Island Moving Co.?
Please contact Island Moving Co.’s Business Manager, Charles Kehres, for more information: or 401.847.4470