IMC-Inside the Work, provides viewers with a closer look at Dance Making.

Memory in Movement

The inaugural edition of IMC: Inside the Work includes four micro-videos entitled “Memory in Movement,” and offers a look into the process of making & learning dance from the dancer’s point of view. “Memory in Movement” captures IMC’s dancers in rehearsal & performance footage—and illuminates dancer’s working process as they explore inspiration, sense-memory, creativity, expression and other elements that are part of learning a dance work. It offers viewers a rare glimpse into how dancers perceive, remember, interpret and perform.

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Piece: Mansplaining
Choreography: Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz
Thomas Ortiz Dance
Music: Ray Barretto

Dancers: Emily Small, Raum-Aron Gens, Tarryn Stewart and Timur Kan

Piece: Black Moon Lilith
Choreography: Shane Farrell
Music: Johann Johannsson

Dancers: Greg Tyndall, Lauren Difede, Tara Gragg and Deanna Gerde

Hugin and Munin, From Norse mythology, two ravens who fly across the world, gathering knowledge and wisdom to bring to the god Odin.

Piece: Harbingers
Choreography: Danielle Genest Konicheva
Costumes: Eileen Stoops
Music: Hildur Gudnadottir

Dancers: Brooke DiFrancesco and Rhea Keller


Piece: Deconstructing Cole Porter
Choreography: Miki Ohlsen

Dancers: Katie Moorhead, Jose Losada, and Emily Baker