Island Moving Company
presents the World Premiere of

Out of Ruin 

A Marta Renzi Film

Conceived & Choreographed by Miki Ohlsen and Danielle Genest


Inspired by a poem by Patience Strong (provided below), this latest work shares a visually rich and kinetic allegory of individual clans in isolation who journey to discover their paths to a place of unity.

The film was shot this summer at locations across Newport, Jamestown and Little Compton featuring much of Rhode Island’s natural beauty and historic landmarks in an original, captivating and lush cinematic short.

Forget the times of trouble, 

but not the truths they taught. 

Forget the days of sorrow, 

but not the strength they brought. 

Forget the storms you battled through 

beneath a heavy load, 

but not the Light that led you safely

down the unknown road

–Patience Strong (Winifred Emma May)