Dancing Through Boundaries

Dancing Through Boundaries, was created by IMC as a multi-modal learning strategy to reinforce core curriculum standards for elementary classrooms and has evolved as our flagship educational program which has operated successfully since 2012

In our long history of partnership with our local school systems, we have strived to demonstrate the connection between dance, the arts, and classroom curriculum. Lessons learned and understood kinetically help students to build skills and inspire confidence. Our goal is to help all Newport County students master critical skills that are crucial to their future success in school and life.

Dancing Through Boundaries also includes these programs:

Arts-First Matinees are often a student’s first experience with live dance performance.

IMC’s New Dancer Program provides gifted tuition for 4th grade students to attend two 19-week semesters at IMC’s pre-professional school, The Newport Academy of Ballet. Students are selected through the in-school program.