On The Horizon: The Future Looks Bright!

Furthering Global collaboration through a major new work.

Island Moving Company has a history of creating responsive programing that brings people together. As a creative enterprise, IMC seeks to connect community with new ways to experience human expressions and explore new ideas and viewpoints that help to connect audiences to each other, and also offer relevant insights to their lives and our collective humanity.

IMC is currently in conceptual development of an original, evening-length dance work as part of a commemorative reflection that will honor and explore the forth-coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 event.   

During the company’s last international tour to Italy in 2019, IMC’s Artistic Director, Miki Ohlsen explored the countryside in Matera, and came upon The La Palomba Sculpture Garden. This amazing open quarry is filled with massive sculptures created from the rubble of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, by sculptor, Antonio Paradiso. 

Upon learning of the sculptor’s intention for the work, and inspired by the origins of the materials, and the uniqueness of the site, Miki ruminated that given IMC’s penchant for site-specific works and the company’s history of national & international collaboration, she felt inspired to make a new work. 

The intent of this work would not be to depict the event itself but to explore the shared experiences of the event on people across the globe. Exploring universal human experiences resulting from the 9/11 event through dance & music will  illuminate themes of global concerns and consciousness that reverberated on that day and beyond.

After an initial letter of inquiry, IMC has been invited by the RI Council on the Humanities to submit a major grant application to support a portion of this auspicious project. If granted, IMC plans a series of public forums to engage conversations around themes of common humanity, diversity, and empathy, developed in response to, and, post 9/11 life. The forums would be scheduled between May and July 2021 and would inform narrative and performative elements in the final work.

The World premiere of the performance is planned for Sep 9-12 in 2021 and will involve cross-cultural collections of US and Italian dancers, one pod in Italy and another in the US. Parts of the work would be developed as site-specific events, and other parts will be live-streamed.

If you are interested to learn more or become involved as a lead commissioner of the project, please contact Executive Director Peter Bramante.

To see images from the La Palomba Sculpture Garden in Matera Italy, which is filled with massive sculptures created from the rubble of the 9/11 attack by sculptor, Antonio Paradiso, click HERE.