Skeleton Crew
  • CARMINA BURANA Choreography: Miki Ohlsen & Danielle Genest, Music: Carl Orff
  • WHERE WE LEFT OFF Choreography: Nicolo Fonte, Music: Philip Glass
  • SKELETON CREW Choreography: Danielle Genest
  • STEADY GRIP Choreography: Mark Harootian, Music: David Neveu, Ludovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope, & I Virtuosi Halini
  • BELIEF Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music: Robert Holstein
  • SWELLS Choreography: John Malashock
  • LA PALOMBA/ASCENDING Choreography: Miki Ohlsen, Danielle Genest & Simona De Tullio
  • LEAVE IT Choreography: Simona De Tullio, Music: Ennio Morricone
  • BLACK MOON LILITH Choreography: Shane Farrell, Music: Johann Johannsson
  • HARBINGERS Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music: Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • LET ME INTRODUCE YOU Choreography: Colin Connor, Music: George Gershwin
  • NEGATIVE SPACE Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music: David Lang & Ibrahim Maalouf
  • NIGHT VISION Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music Composed & Performed by: Adrienne Taylor
  • SEMILLAS Choreography: Rodney Rivera, Music Composers: Jan Gunnar, Joselito Fernandez, Miguel Matamoros
  • EVOKED Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music: Peteris Vasks
  • VOICES AROUND THE TABLE Choreography: Tina Kay Bohnstedt, Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff
  • MAZURKAS Choreography: José Limón, Music: Frédéric Chopin, Commissioned for IMC by The Kiven Family
  • 3 Choreography: Danielle Genest, Music: Ibrahim Maalouf
  • MANSPLAINING Choreography: Ted Thomas and Frances Ortiz, Music: Los Jibaros, Cal Tjader, Eddie Palmieri, Acid, Ray Barretto
  • A LIFE WELL LIVED In honor of Marisa La Rocca Choreography: Miki Ohlsen, Music: Claude Debussy, Alfred Schnittke, Commissioned by Topsy Taylor
  • ALICE IN WONDERLAND Choreography Nancy McAuliffe, Restaging & Additional Choreography: Miki Ohlsen & Danielle Genest, Original Story: Lewis Carroll, Story Adapted by: Charles Kehres
    • GHOSTS & GRAPEVINES: THOUGHTS ON THE FAMILY HISTORIES OF NEWPORT (reworked) Choreography: Thom Dancy | Music: Mozart, Olafur Arnalds
    • HERE’S TO LIFE Choreography: Rodney Rivera | Music: Michael Nyman, Johnny Mandel | Lyrics: Artie Butler
    • FLIRTING Choreography: Kevin Jenkins | Music: Beethoven & Edvard Grieg
    • FUGITIVE GROUND Choreography: Danielle Genest | Music: John Tavener
      Commissioned by Barbara & Warren Caldwell
    • TRIPPING ON OUR LIGHT FANTASTIC TOES Choreography: Maurice Causey | Music: Damien Simon
    • SOL: TO THE 3rd DEGREE Choreography: Staycee Pearl | Music: sound design by Soy Sos
    • TRANSPORT Choreography: Danielle Genest | Music Olafur Arnalds
    • ALICE 2.0 Choreography: Simona Di Tullio | Music: Ivan Iusco & Hagues Le Bars
    • NOW Choreography: Simona Di Tullio | Music: Puccini
    • KINDRED/TWO HEARTS 1952-1985 Choreography: Miki Ohlsen | Music: Max Richter & Vivaldi
    • MARIONETAS Choreography: Rodney Rivera | Music: Zbigniew Preisner
  • He Who Closed the Mouths of Lyins  Choreography: Glen Lewis | Music: Clapping Music by Steve Reich; Wasserklavier by Luciana Berro; The Four Section: II Percussion by Steve Reich; Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  • Side by Side  Choreography: Scott Putman | Music: Gay Guerrilla Part IV and V by Julius Eastman (arr by J. Clayton)
  • The Limit of One  Choreography: Danielle Genest | Music: David Lang
  • Memoria Y Vidria Choreography: Rodney Rivera | Music: Max Richter, Zbigniew Preisner, Hilary Hahn and Cory Smyth
  • Open for Dancing 2017
    Choreography: Mary Sheldon Scott | Music: Jarrad Powell
    en masse  Choreography: Teresa Fellion | Collaborating Artists: Elizabeth Woodhouse, Alicia Ruggiero and Raquel Klein
    Ghosts and Grapevines  Choreography: Thom Dancy | Collaborating Artist: Lisa J. Reimer
    • Accept the Unexpected Choreography: Mark Harootian | Music: Ice and Time Forgotten by Tim Crain | Commissioned: Teresa Ritter
    • For Nana Choreography: Bill Evans | Music: Nana’s Adagio and Two Sides of Mary I. Andante by Claudia Queen | Commissioned by Kimberly Skeen
    • Second Star to the Right: A Tale of Hook and Pan Choreography: Miki Ohlsen | Music: original score by Tobias Andrews | Commissioned by David & Sally Ryan | performed on the Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry
    • See, Here, Speak! Choreography: Jerry Opdenaker | Music: Two Angels by Claude Chalhoub
  • La Tierra Giro Choreography by Miki Ohlsen |Music: In Absentia, Struggle, Stillness, Absence, Exhilaration by Kevin Keller | Commissioned by Joya Hoyt
    -ism Duets: pragmatism  Choreography by Spencer Gavin Hering | Music: Hildur Gudnadottir, Bay AreasFinest, Pentaphobe, Wagon Christ
    -ism Duets: cynicism Choreography by Spencer Gavin Hering | Music: Hildur Gudnadottir, Bay AreasFinest, Pentaphobe, Wagon Christ
    Everything Is Closer Than It Appears  Choreography by Colin Connor | Music: Schubert’s String Quartet #14, 2nd Movement
    Image de Vida  Choreography by Glen Lewis | Music: Gotham Lullaby by Meredith Monk, El Mayoral by Susana Baca, Madona de Sa Cabana by Maria del Mar Bonet, Monk, Double Fiesta by Meredith Monk
    Queens Are Made of Distance and Greasepaint Choreography: Shane Farrell | Music: Max Richter, Vivaldi
    Sinfonia Choreography: John Mark Owen | Music: Handl Saul Oratorio: Sinfonia Allegro, Larghetto, Allegro, Andante Larghetto | Commissioned by two anonymous donors
    Tonight We Dream Together Choreography: Joe Celej | Music: Goldmund, The Malady of Elegance | Commissioned by John Paul Primiano
    DUAL-ity  Choreography by Spencer Gavin Hering | Music: Olafur Arnolds, hands, be still
    The Phantom of the DNA  Choreography by Gulnara Adamova | Music: Sheldevayev
    • Dante’s Beatrice Choreography: Andrea Dawn Shelley; Music: Kevin Volans Hunting
    • suited up Choreography: Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Lee Dorsey, The Beagles, The Serendipity Singers
    • A Tessellation of Beauty and Light Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Philip Glass, Zoe Keating
    • Newport Stories Reprise Choreography: Miki Ohlsen, Michael Bolger, Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Chris Eastburn
    • Land of a Thousand Reflections Choreography: Scott Putman; Music: Kimmo Pohjpnen, Samuli Kosminen
    • Breathing Space Choreography: Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Jules Massenet, Pourquoi me Reveiller from Werther; Christoph Willibald Gluck, Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orfeo ed Euridice; Rachmaninoff, Vocalise; Chopin, Nocturne in C sharp Minor; Francesco Paolo Tosti, Marechiare
    • Pavo Cristatus Choreography: Shane Farrell; Music: Ólafur Arnalds
    • Taking Watch Choreography: Stephanie Martinez; Music: Abel Korzenowski and Murcof (edited by Paul Christiano); Commissioned by Monique Burgess
    • On Edge Choreography: Mark Harootian; Music: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, Passacaglia XVI in G Minor for Solo Violin; Niccolò Paganini, 24 Caprices for Solo Violin Op.1 No. 24 in A Minor; Commissioned by John Paul Primiano
    • Brom Bones Tale Choreography: Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Original score by Sascha Jacobsen and Lewis Patzner; Commissioned by John & Elizabeth Brooks and Marilyn Woloohojian
    • Ant Umbra Choreography: Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Clint Mansel
    • Heart Vignettes Choreography: Spencer Gavin Hering; Music: Joshua Bell, Olafur Arnaulds, Hildur Gudnadottir, Sachen Caris, Daniel Hope, Philip Glass
    • In the Beginning Choreography: Mark Harootian; Music: Vivaldi; commissioned by Marilyn Woloohojian
    • Luminous Choreography: Shane Farrell; Music: Max Richter
    • Of Beauty and Light Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Philip Glass
    • Open for Dancing 2013
      Marrow Choreography: Tom Pearson; Music: Various; with Steel Yard artists Monica Shinn and Anna Shapiro
      Opera House Interior, Nancy Choreography: Yanira Castro; Music: Stephan Moore
      Refract Choreography: Deborah Lohse; Music: Brandon Wolcott; crystals by Andrae Gonsalvo
      Rhapsody in Blue Choreography: John-Mark Owen; Music: George Gershwin; costumes by John Sawicki; commissioned by Pam and Andrew Constantine and William Vareika
    • Continua Metamorfosi Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Fabrizio Paterlini; commissioned by Topsy Taylor
    • Jabez Choreography: Glen Lewis; Music: Max Richter
    • Mother Goose Choreography: Miki Ohlsen and IMC Dancers; Music: Various
    • Pheromone Choreography: Shane Farrell; Music: Dustin O’Halloran
    • Risk of Exposure Choreography: Danielle Genest; Music: Osvaldo Golijov
    • PLAGUE Choreography: John-Mark Owen | Music: Meredith Monk, “Little Breathe,” “Plague,” Henryk Gorecki, “Concerto for Harpsichord and String Quartet- Vivace Marcatissimo
      • Au Coin de la Rue Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Edith Piaf; commissioned by Robert Alfandre
      • Struggle for Comfort Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Henryk Gorecki
      • To Rest Choreography: Danielle Genest; Music: Mossgrove
      • Open for Dancing 2011
        Out of the Canopy Choreography: Christine Sandorfi; Music: Poulenc
        Garrison Rations Choreography: Zach Morris; Music: Various
        Yew Forest Choreography: Marta Renzi; Music: Steve Jobe; commissioned by Susan Ruf and Michael Walsh
    • Bodies of Water Choreography: Colin Connor; Music: JS Bach
    • Dracula at Belcourt Castle Chorography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Felix Ventouras; commissioned by Teddy Aspegren, Joya Granbery Hoyt, Chuck & Kathleen Kiven, Jane List, Elaine Ruth Ohlsen, William Ohlsen, Nuala Pell, Laurine Ryan Perry, Teresa Ritter, Julie and Andrew Sandorfi, Topsy Taylor and Marilyn Woloohojian; music commissioned by Joan Martin; film commissioned by Alan and Marie Weiss
    • Time is the Fire Choreography: Danielle Genest; Music: Peter Sculthorpe
    • Let Me Live in Your Eyes Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Philip Glass
    • Walking the Halls of Giants Choreography: Scott Putman; Music: Fernando Corona
    • Open for Dancing 2008
      Hive Choreography: Nikki Carrara; Music: Paul Dube
      Unfortunate Terrain Choreography: Monica Bill Barnes; Music: Various
      Rejected Beach Choreography: Andrea Haenggi; Music: John Davis
      • Hold Fast: The Fragile Warmth of Collisions in Freefall Choreography: Colin Connor; Music: Nuove Musiche
      • Kato Edno Choreography: Danielle Genest; Music: Albeniz
      • Suite Silver Choreography: Michael Bolger; Music: Various
        • 1,2,3 Ligetti Choreography: Colleen Cavanaugh; Music: Gyorgy Ligetti
        • Contain Yourself Darling Choreography: Tami Stronac; Music: Taraf De Haidouke, Wally Johnson, Tanga 1
        • There’s a Party in My Mind Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: David Byrne
        • Newport Stories Choreography: Miki Ohlsen, Michael Bolger; Music: Chris Eastburn and 26 member chorus; commissioned by Nicole Halbreiner with support from the Argosy Foundation: Contemporary Music Fund
        • Open for Dancing 2006
        • Edenfest Choreography: Michael Bolger; Text: James Nave; Music: Michael de Quattro
        • on leaving and departure Choreography: Joannah Haigood; Music: Newport Navy Band
        • Yellow Ball Choreography: Andrea Haenggi; Music: Alexandra Marculawicz
        • Switch Choreography: Brian Jones; Music: Will Smith
      • Consent to Gravity Choreography: Carol Somers, Daniel McCusker; Conceptual Artist: Thomas Palmer; Music: Chris Eastburn, Providence String Quartet, 4 singers
      • Rooms of the Heart Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Rachels
              • The Rose Garden Choreography: Colin Connor; Music: Renaissance Spanish Motets; commissioned by Teresa Ritter
              • Folded Hands Warm Heart Choreography: Michael Bolger; Music: Verdi, Saint Saens, Denza
              • Open for Dancing 2004
                Invisible Sins of Fort Adams Choreography: Noemie LaFrance
                Thread Choreography: Daniel McCusker
                dorisdreams Choreography: Jim Coleman, Therese Freedman; Music: Michael Vargas
                Bell Dance Choreography: Michael Bolger; Music: Paul Cienniwa
      • Je Ne Regrette Rien Choreography: Eva Marie Pacheco; Music: Edith Piaf
      • Patio Andaluz Choreography: Alejandro Gomez; Music: Gypsy Kings
      • Remembering the Air Along the Forgotten Path Choreography: Scott Puman; Music: Rachels
      • Surrender Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Sarah MacLachlan, Gustav Mahler
        • From Here to There Choreography: Carol Somers; Music: Franz Schubert
        • Newport Nutcracker at Rosecliff Choreography: Miki Ohlsen, Eva Marie Pacheco, Michael Bolger; Music: Tchaikovsky
        • Recent Arrivals Choreography: Colin Connor; Music: Franz Schubert; commissioned by Teresa Ritter and Robert Alfandre
        • With Shades of Elegant Decorum Choreography: Rick McCullough; Music: Michael Nyman; commissioned by Jay and Suzie Schochet
        • Open for Dancing 2002
          Caught Between Two Worlds Choreography: Amy Ragsdale; Music: Various; Sculpture: Olivia McCullough
          Vignettes au Port Nouveau Choreography: Art Bridgman, Myrna Packer
          Field Work Choreography: Daniel McCusker; Music: Chris Eastburn
      • Date to be Determined (Revival) Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: David Diamond
      • Deconstructing Cole Porter Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Cole Porter; commissioned by the Preservation Society of Newport County for the Rosecliff Centennial
      • Apples to Oranges Choreography: Carol Somers; Music: Leo Kottke
      • Ruth…less Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: String Quartet #5 by Philip Glass
    • Hora Cero: Don’t Look Back Choreography: Miki Ohlsen; Music: Astor Piazzolla