Meet IMC’s new Executive Director, Edward McPherson, taking the helm in 2018! Newport Daily News

Kathryn Boland wrote about Open for Dancing 2017 in Dance Informa

Laura Vernaci, of on our Great Friends Touring Project performance with Owen/Cox at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City in 2017.

The Boston Dance Journal‘s review of the Green Street Studios Ballet Showcase April 22, 2017.

Mark Morin, of Motif Magazine, wrote about our RI College performance in October, A Thousand Reflections.  

RI Monthly Magazine devoted a colorful page to photos from last summer’s Nuit Blanche in their November issue.

Great coverage of the Great Friends, in the Providence Phoenix and on  WRNI, RI’s public radio station.

Our arts integration project at Newport’s Pell School January 6-10, 2014 really touched a chord with the media.  National coverage in Dance Teacher Magazine April 2014, plus front page coverage from the Newport Daily News, a photo gallery in the front section of the Providence Journal  and a front page picture in Newport This Week.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse made an appearance at the culminating performance and one of our sponsors, Leslie Reed, was moved to tears.

“Ohlsen’s ‘Of Beauty and Light’ done to Phillip Glass, presents two wonderful dancers, Carol Tang and Jose Gonzalez. They move carefully, vibrantly, through a series of moments in what seems their relationship. This is one of those dances that allows you your own take on what being seen on the floor. I saw a life together, in all its wonderful and difficult times. Tang and Gonzalez gave that a complexion both slight and strong, and deep.”
Bill Gale, Rhode Island Public Radio, RI

RIPR: “Island Moving Company’s Dance Extravaganza Worth the Trip to Newport”

“The two pieces by Island Moving Co. dancers that evening were ‘Ant Umbra’, a premiere by IMC’s new associate artistic director Spencer Gavin Hering, and a reprise of Colin Connor’s ‘The Rose Garden’ (from 2004). In one part of the [‘Rose Garden’] dance, fingers stretch out to pluck the fruits of love but clasped hands mimic a knife plunged mid-body, hari-kiri-like. Another section has a female dancer circled by four male dancers — quite threatening, quite menacing. ‘Ant Umbra’ also feels spooky, with plays on light and shadow. The title refers to the image in an eclipse when you see a ring of light on the edges of the object casting the shadow. A recurring image here is hands over ears or mouths, one dancer sometimes covering another’s mouth. Unusual poses and steps abound — bobbing heads, flexed hands in front while hopping, a hand holding onto the instep of an extended leg while turning on the other foot. Hering is definitely creating new dance language.”
Johnette Rodriguez, The Providence Phoenix, RI

“Two beautiful lifts, one as Genest rolls high across the back of Juarez’s shoulders and the next as he holds her up and describes that same arc, are breathtaking. The eye-catching gesture of toes turning in and out on the floor, with hands running up cheeks, captures the ambivalence and pain of leaving a lover.” 
Johnette Rodriguez, The Providence Phoenix, RI

“As a European tourist living in America, I couldn’t resist the invitation to see a “Nutcracker” in one of the most spectacular mansions in Newport, RI…And — though I certainly loved my first trip to Newport, the drive around the wonderful coastline, the spectacular mansions, and my walk in the Rosecliff gardens down to the sea — my delight in this “Nutcracker” was principally in the performance.  The secret of “A Newport Nutcracker at Rosecliff” is in its sense of scale, proportion, musicality and good stage manners.”
Alastair Macaulay, New York Times, New York

“Gracious, energetic performance of emotionally centered work distinguishes the troupe.”
Gus Solomons, Jr. Gay City News, New York

“…a refreshing combination of grassroots camaraderie and big city technique…a group of working dancers going for broke.”
Marilyn Russo, Attitude, The Dancers’ Magazine, New York

“Island Moving Co. secured its reputation for fusing conceptual risk with technical prowess.”
Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times

“Wow, great movement, Bravo…One does not have to go to Boston or New York when there is so much talent right here! …You make me want to dance! …Mysterious, athletic, graceful, evocative, wasn’t boring, funny, body ink distracts, fascinating, worth more than $25 …First time watching a show like this and loved hearing Philip Glass, beautiful interpretation of his music …Love the beige couple, saw them at a fundraiser in a pool …The Met has some Moves …I have goosebumps …Etudes, amazing …Stunning!! …You guys successfully tackle diverse matter …Love to see the new group piece. It amazes me how seamlessly two companies from different regions meld together in two weeks …I didn’t know shoulders could be so expressive! …Loved the shadows on the walls, great job with the lighting …Keep pushing and blurring the boundaries of dance, music and language …Incredibly high energy”