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REVIEW: A collection of styles in Island Moving Company’s ‘A Collection of Attitudes’

A collection of styles in Island Moving Company’s ‘A Collection of Attitudes’

Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island.
March 9, 2019.

When it comes to programming a multi-work dance performance, what does “diversity” mean? How might artistic directors create it — skillful selection of various contributing choreographers, multiple other collaborators, effective use of theme, et cetera? Whatever the cause or causes, Island Moving Company (IMC)’s 2019 season opener A Collection of Attitudes offered an assemblage of works with a compelling, pleasing stylistic variety. Dancers fully committed themselves to thoughtful choreograph work, which contributing elements (such as costumes, lighting, and music) helped further bring to life.

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Convergence at the Gamm Theatre – Tickets on sale now!


Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11

7:30pm each night

at The Gamm Theatre

Island Moving Company, Newport’s professional, contemporary ballet company, presents Convergence at the Gamm Theatre, a mixed repertory show featuring Jose Limon’s “Mazurkas” and a world premiere by choreographer Tina Bohnstedt, along with Miki Ohlsen’s 2018 breathtaking piece “Kindred: two hearts” and three other well known IMC favorites.


IMC’s Jr. Co. presents “Carnival of the Animals”

The Junior Company of Newport’s Island Moving Co. will present the charming work, “Carnival of the Animals,” at the Island Moving Co. studio on Sunday, February 17th at 2:30 and 3:30pm. 

The “Carnival of the Animals” is Directed by Brooke DiFrancesco and choreographed by Christine Sandorfi. A Lion, two Hens, a Donkey, a Tortoise and other assorted creatures dance to music by Camille Saint-Saens in a production that lasts roughly one half hour. The Winter Festival presentation will be suitable for children of all ages and will include an opportunity to join the dancers in some dancing after the performance.

2:30pm Tickets
3:30pm Tickets

Tickets are $6 for one adult plus one child; $4 for additional adult and $3 for each additional child; with $1 off for each bracelet presented.