VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 25: IMC’s Newport Nutcracker First Run Through Rehearsal with the Full Cast!

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 24: IMC Participates in Newport’s Broadway Street Fair October 7, 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 23: IMC’s Twilight Reception, September 30, 2017

Coco Blaffer, Miki Ohlsen and Island Moving Company invite you to a Champagne reception to meet Ambassador George Krol, US Ambassador to Kazakhstan.
Saturday, September 30, 2017, 6pm – 8pm, “The White House.” Please join us for an evening of champagne and light fare, meet with Ambassador Krol and his wife Melissa Welch, hear about Island Moving Company’s most recent visit to the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, and see our performance in Almaty, KZ, which premiers on Kazakh TV September 17.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 22: The Process of Open for Dancing 2017

This year’s Open for Dancing Festival was an exercise in creativity, art, dance, music, movement.  The sun broke through the clouds for the two days of performances at three unique Aquidneck Island landscapes, and the crowds came out to see the beautiful movement, performances, and art.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 21: The Process of Open for Dancing 2017

This year’s Open for Dancing Festival was an exercise in creativity, art, dance, music, movement…. and hurricanes.  With a cast of 35 dancers, 5 artist collaborators, and 3 choreographers, the process of creating original dances in only three days was a resounding success.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 20: Newport Academy of Ballet Summer Program Wraps a successful summer session!

Newport Academy of Ballet’s Summer Programs

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 19:  Island Moving Company performs at the USA Pavilion at the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, Sunday, August 13, 2017

From the USA Pavillion:
“The talented Island Moving Company dance troupe entertained some of the largest crowds we’ve had visit the USA Pavilion. Thanks for sharing your #infiniteenergy with our pavilion and all the visitors at #Expoastana 2017″

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 18: Island Moving Company performs at the Abay Opera House in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Wednesday, August 9, 2017

With a sold out performance in Almaty, KZ at the beautiful Abay Opera House, to an oversold performance in the astounding Energy Hall Theater at the World Expo, and a site specific performance of Miki Ohlsen’s stunning “Continua Energia,” the ten day journey to Kazakhstan was nothing less than a resounding success and phenomenal experience for all involved.  Many thanks to our Kazakh partner, Samruk Dance, our travel supporters, and the incredibly gracious hosts from the US Embassy who helped make this trip possible.
VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 17: Great Friends Dance Festival Premiere of Layered, by Karen Mareck Grundy

The Great Friends Dance Festival was a HUGE success this past July as 8 companies joined IMC for 5 nights of unique and imaginative performances.  Over the course of two weeks, IMC’s resident company, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, along wtih IMC, created what we affectionately call “The Big Piece.”  This year it was choreographed by MCB’s Executive and Artistic Director Karen Mareck Grundy, titled “Layers.”

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 16: Newport Academy of Ballet’s Summer Intensive Students at the Opera House July 27

On Thursday, July 28, the Newport Academy of Ballet’s Summer Intensive Class took a field trip to visit the work being done on the Newport Opera House and Performing Arts Center.  There, with consideration of IMC’s Open for Dancing Festival, they created a piece throughout the construction zone.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 15: Attila Joey Csiki’s piece Affairs of the Heart, to be performed at the Great Friends Dance Festival on July 20 & 23, 2017

“Affairs of the Heart” was presented at the Great Friend Dance Festival on Thursday, July 20, and again on Sunday, July 23. Featuring IMC Dancer Katie Moorhead, it is choreographed by NYC’s Attila Joey Csiki. “Affairs of the Heart” was originally staged for the Tokyo Ballet company in 2003. Also performed for president Alvaro Arzu of Guatemala at the Presidents Palace, SUNY Purchase College and the Royal Danish Ballet.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 14: Scott Putman’s new piece, Side by Side, premiers at the Great Friends Dance Festival, July 19, 2017

Scott Putman’s new piece Side by Side premiered at the Great Friends Dance Festival with IMC dancers Azamat Asangul uulu and Alejandro Ulloa. Side By Side is part of The Listening Project, a choreographic challenge to create new works by engaging in dialogue with the dancers in order to create imagery based on the reflections evolving out of the dialogue and exchange with the dancers. This particular work looked at issues of culture, ethnicity and race and how our perceptions may be more inclusive by turning towards one another to cultivate equality.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 13: Creative Movement Summer Program July 17-21, 2017

Newport Academy of Ballet Summer Programs have begun! For our Creative Movement class, ages 3-5, which was held July 17-21, the children created a dance performance piece based on the creative movement themes we explored. Simple costume and set pieces were created for our performance during the crafts portion of the class. Video by visiting choreographer Simona De Tullio.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 12: Newport Academy of Ballet Spring Recital, June 3, 2017

Newport Academy of Ballet presented the end of year recital on Saturday June 3rd at Portsmouth High School. There were two recitals: 5pm recital included performances of dancers in the Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap and The Pell School Classes and the 6:30pm recital included performances of dancers in the Ballet I-V, Variations, Jazz, Tap & Contemporary classes.

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 11: Side by Side, Choreography by Scott Putman

Dancers: Azamat Asangul and Alejandro Ulloa Zepeda
Music: Julius Eastman, arranged by Jace Clayton

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 10: ON THE VERGE at the Casino Theatre, May 13, 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 9: MEMORIA Y VIDRIO at the Green Street Studios Ballet Showcase, Cambridge, MA

On Saturday, April 22, Island Moving Company performed the acclaimed new work by Rodney Rivera, MEMORIA Y VIDRIO, at the Green Street Studios Ballet Showcase.
Here are some of the reviews:
Dance Informa: Divergence and convergence – Green Street Studios’ Ballet Showcase
Boston Dance Journal: A DYNAMIC BALLET EXPERIENCE AT GREEN STREET STUDIOS, April 25, 2017, By Mary Hierholzer

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 8: New Works in Rehearsal for May 13th Performance at the Casino Theater

New Works by Danielle Genest and Glen Lewis are currently in rehearsal for IMC’s May 13th performance at the Casino Theatre, “On The Verge”

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 7: IMC’s Elementary School Residency Programs

Island Moving Company’s Pell School Residencies, January and March 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 6: IMC’s Junior Company’s Spring Rep Show

Island Moving Company’s Junior Company Rep Show: March 11, 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 5: Wheaton College Presents Island Moving Company

IMC at Wheaton College: A Collection of Attitudes: February 25, 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 4: IMC’s Junior Company performs Carnival of the Animals in conjunction with Newport’s Winter Festival

Carnival of the Animals Sunday, February 19, 2017

VIDEO DIARY ENTRY 3: Open Rehearsal Friday, Feb. 10 with guest choreographers Danielle Genest and Rodney Rivera

Our Open Rehearsal Friday, February 10, 2017

Video Diary Entry 2: Newport Academy of Ballet and Island Moving Company start a new semester together!

Newport Academy of Ballet Day 1 – January 30, 2017

Video Diary Entry 1: IMC DAY!

IMC DAY! January 22, 2017